About Anne

Anne Graham Cagney

Dr Anne Graham Cagney holds a PhD in Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin and was awarded the 2013 Fulbright Scholarship for her research into transformative learning environments for adult learners. Anne is currently President of the Irish Fulbright Alumni Association and Senior Lecturer in the School of Lifelong Learning & Education, Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).

Following an early career in financial services and international consulting, Anne became a university lecturer at several Irish and UK universities.

Her post-doctoral research interests are in inter-disciplinary thinking, and in enhancing teaching-learning environments particularly in higher education contexts. She is currently exploring the links between useable knowledge and organisation development that support educational, business and organisational success.

Anne has been awarded the Irish Fulbright Scholar in Social Sciences for her post-doctoral research on creating transformative learning spaces in professional development programs in higher education. She is Research Fellow, Trinity College Dublin and HETL (International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association) liaison for Ireland.

During her career, in addition to her research and teaching she has held management and executive administrative positions in Copenhagen Business School and the Open University Business School. Outside of her academic career, she has led senior teams in the public and private sector; and facilitated other top management teams in achieving significant organisation change and development.

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Transformative Teaching-Learning Environments (TLEs), Leader Development, Cross-disciplinary Ways of Thinking and Practicing (WTPs), Organisation Development and Process Consulting.

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Academy of Management
  • Henley Management Alumni
  • British Educational Research Association
  • National Academy for the Integration of Research Teaching and Learning
  • Open University Psychological Society
  • The International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL)
  • Institute of Personnel Management (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development)
  • Irish Institute of Training & Development
  • Irish Association of Industrial Relations